Master Stylist

photo of Michael Anthony, Master Stylist Michael Anthony
Salon ASA
89 Southport Dr.
Lexington, KY, 40503 USA

Michael has been a Master Stylist for over 30 years. His mission is to offer his guests an experience in an environment that touches the senses. He enjoys Styling for a variety of lifestyles, ranging from today's professionals to stay-at-home moms to those who work on and manage the wondrous horse farms that grace the Lexington area.

Creative, yet conservative cutting and coloring techniques are methods that Michael uses daily. He is committed to maintaining a professional, yet relaxing spa-like atmosphere where his guests can slow down and with his help, look after themselves.

Michael is passionate about the world around us and enjoys the "Organic Concept" and Salon Asa's philosophy in his effort to support the community and it's spirit.