Master Cosmetologist

photo of Ernie Johnson, Master Cosmetologist Ernie Johnson
Salon ASA
89 Southport Dr.
Lexington, KY, 40503 USA

Ernie is a renowned Stylist in Lexington, KY with 27 years of varied experience. His experience ranges from taking care of guests every-day hair, nail and skin care needs to glamorous special occasion looks.

Through the years Ernie has been involved with modeling troupes as a Hair and Make-up Artist. He has also groomed and coached multiple pageant contestants in both the Miss USA and Miss America systems, county fairs and other pageants. He is a former member of 798 Local in NYC- a union for Hairdressers and Make-up Artists.

“I enjoy the glamour of my craft, because I can make people feel good and be prepared for any event from pageants, weddings, proms, theatre and other special occasions.”

Ernie is available full time at Salon Asa for all of your Hair and Nail Care and Make-up needs. Call to schedule a reservation with Ernie today!