I meet Paul April 17, 2015 when he was teaching a spin/yoga class at one of the gyms that he teaches at. I never thought I would be able to participate in a spin class or even a yoga class and enjoy it! I was hooked on spin and yoga after just one class!  I had been diagnosed with Lupus and Sjorgrens Syndrome which are autoimmune disorders over 20 years ago and along with the diagnosis there are good days and bad days as far as pain, joint swelling and fatigue.

I began going to Paul’s spin class on Fridays and his yoga classes also during the week.  Paul encouraged me during the yoga classes and noticed the improvement I was making even if it was a slight amount. Paul mentioned a few times in yoga class that he had clients that he was working with as far as personal training and with stretching. I decided that I was at a crossroads with my journey of losing weight and getting stronger and I needed something more than just the gym. I stayed after class one day and asked Paul about the personal training options.  We agreed to meet and go over my goals and what my options would be to train with him. My original goal was to lose about 10 pounds, to get stronger, have more flexibility  and to feel better. Paul discussed with me my eating habits and what I was missing in my food intake and what he would recommend. Well I began my journey working with Paul on June 17th. I began losing weight right away. Paul pushes me to do my best and believes I can do things I don’t think I can. If I am not having a good session he is still very encouraging and reminds me how far I have come.  I have lost about 18 pounds and 2-3 pant sizes in less than 3 months not to mention how much stronger I am and how much better I feel. Paul will always ask how I am feeling and if I am having any certain issues and we will work around them or he will work on those areas as well.

 I used to have pretty severe hip pain that woke me up during the night that felt like an ice pick jabbing in to me but I no longer have that hip pain and I do believe it is due to yoga, stretching and working out with Paul.  I also have had pretty severe hand pain and swelling especially in the morning when waking which is much better now thanks to Paul .
I have told Paul that I am very grateful and thankful he is able work with me.  I truly believe I would not be where I am today without Paul’s knowledge, encouragement, pushing me and the extra steps he takes for his clients. He truly takes into consideration the whole person not just to change the physical part. I would highly recommend Paul.
I am truly convinced that Paul has a special gift!

--Diana H.

My son is a high school track and cross country runner.  Each season he would start strong only to barely finish.  He would usually end up the season with hip/leg/calf injuries; running in constant pain.  It broke my heart to see him suffer.  He loved to run.  He was a good runner.  
I had to figure out how to keep him from hurting or make him give up the sport he loved.  We had tried therapy, with little success, and we had even tried a personal trainer, he did get stronger, but still ran in pain. I was running out of hope.

 I met Paul through a yoga class he was instructing.  The more he talked the more I knew I needed him to help my son.  After his first stretching session with my son we were sold.  Paul was amazing.  He knew exactly where each sore spot was and how to fix the pain.  The true test......track season began.  After each run the pain was less and less till eventually he had no pain.  He managed to PR most every run and took a total of 30 seconds off his run time.  He actually looks forward to every appointment with Paul.  He has gotten stronger and faster.  XC season is coming and already after two recreational 5k runs this summer Paul has managed to take 1 minute off Ryan's normal 5k time compared to last season.  We are absolutely thrilled with Ryan's progress and cannot say enough positive things about Paul.  Ryan now enjoys running more than he ever did.  He can now run and not hurt.  We plan to be long term clients and cannot say enough positive things about Paul's services.


Attached are the photos I recently had taken for PR materials for my art business.  The photos were taken by Erica Chambers Photography, Berea, KY.  My stylist, Michael Anthony, does a wonderful job of both cutting and highlighting my hair. I have been growing out my hair from a very short cut.  Michael has made that easy and I have never had a bad hair day throughout the whole growing out process!  I just wanted to share these with you, so you might promote Michael's work on your Facebook or Salon Asa website pages. Thanks to Michael and Salon Asa for making me look great!


"April Gumbert has been doing my hair for years. I am always pleased with the cut and perm that she gives me. She also uses organic products on my hair, so that I know my hair is healthy and well taken care of. I would highly recommend Salon Asa for people who value good service and quality care."

--Becky Malone

""I enjoyed having foil highlights applied to my hair for decades, but when those gray hairs started taking over, my hairdresser recommended permanent color. While please with the aesthetic results, I noticed an uncomfortable burning feeling on my scalp while the dye was applied. Then for days after my appointment my scalp would itch and I would get red bumps. So I decided to do some research and didn’t like what I found. Hair dyes are loaded with cuticle-damaging Ammonia. Adding insult to injury hair dyes contain Coal Tars of which researchers at the National Cancer Institute found to be carcinogenic. A University of Southern California study has linked bladder cancer to permanent hair dye use. Yikes, so I went on a google mission and found Organic Color Systems – free of Ammonia and Coal Tars! I shared info with my then hair stylist and she said “You cannot achieve permanent color without ammonia”. So I went to four other salons in Lexington and was told the same thing. One salon owner said “We’ve gone green and are not using ammonia”. But on further research, I discovered the ingredients used to replace ammonia were to name a few: Monoethanolamine (MEA) and Ethanolamine. Both still raise the pH of hair to extraordinarily high hair-damaging levels. Honestly, I was depressed. Then one day I was heading to the Co-Op on Southland Drive and saw a big banner for a new hair salon advertising organic products. I went in and met owner April Gumbert. To my astonishment, she listened intently and said she had heard of Organic Color Systems. Long story ….a little longer, April set up as an exclusive Organic Color Systems salon at considerable startup expense because she believes in offering her clients healthy alternatives. Guess what?! For three years now, I have had permanent hair color that looks great, is non-toxic and lasts! I love going into Salon ASA because I’m not inundated with nasty chemical smells. And hair stylists in Salon ASA are very talented to boot."

--Terri Fann Lexington, KY"

"Michael Anthony gives the best haircuts I've ever had.  I have short hair, and having a cut that lasts is important becuase short hair can lose its style quickly as the hair grows.  Not with Michael's haircuts.  I have sent friends to him for cuts and color, and encourage anyone looking for a great cut to call Michael now!"

--Lea Schultz

"I got so many compliments on my hair and make-up. I will recommend ANYONE to you all!"

--Adriene Deakers-Elde


"I love that Salon Asa is certified organic. No more breathing harmful ammonia. The air is so clean and it is a joy to be here."

--Kathy Trover, guest of Ernie Johnson


"Ernie was fantastic.  He was fast and did a fabulous job.  My hair was exactly like the picture I showed him.  I got so many compliments at prom that night.  It was perfect." 

--Keely Moussette


"Love my hair!!  Really easy to take care of, it's a go anywhere style.  Love the Organic Highlights, the color is perfect and as bright two and a half months later as the day I got them.  April you're the best.  Love Salon Asa!"

--Jane Hollis


"Salon ASA is a wonderful place. The manicures and pedicures are totally relaxing. The hair color and products are fantastic. My hair has never looked or felt better.  The exercise studio is second to none."

--Nancy Crase

"I am really enjoying the new organic hair products being offered by ASA. April uses highlights and low-lights and the color is holding better and without regrowth color lines.  My hair feels and looks great.  I am very pleased."

--Sherry Dale

"What a great place!  All my girlie needs at a one-stop place!  April has taken care of my hair needs for 14 years.  And now, I have added Leah, my own personal trainer.  She has assisted me in strengthening my muscles and flexibility and balance.  I'm not an eager exerciser but I have not missed a training session for almost 3 months."

--Devon Gross


I’ve been a regular at Salon ASA for many years, and the products and services are amazing, the atmosphere is very relaxing, and the staff members really do work as a team to make you feel special and appreciated.  I have referred several people to Salon ASA for various services over the past year and every one comes back to me and tells me how much they liked the salon and the people who work there. 
-Lisa Ginter