“Reiki is a system.  There (is) no superstition, but is true facts.”  - Hawayo Takata

Reiki (ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning “Universal Life Force Energy.”  All things consist of energy.  A Reiki practitioner applies this energy through touch for the purpose of healing.
Benefits of using Reiki:
*Assists in resolving physical, emotional, mental issues
*Provides a peaceful state of mind
*Promotes a sense of well being
*Safe to use in conjunction with other modalities
*Can decrease anxiety, stress and pain
What happens during a Reiki session:
A typical treatment takes about an hour (initial sessions may take longer.)  The guest lays down fully clothed on a massage table to receive a hands-on treatment.  The practitioner then goes through a series of specific hand positions which treats all the major organs of the body with Reiki.  No physical manipulation of the body is performed.  Reiki is not a massage. 

Reiki is effective in treating both mental and physical conditions and usually leaves the guest in a very peaceful state of mind.  If there are specific issues that the guest wants to work on, the practitioner may address those during the session. 

It is highly recommended that the guest schedules a series of 3-4 initial treatments on consecutive days.  This will give the body the consistent Reiki it needs to harmonize itself.  After the initial treatments, scheduling will depend on the guest’s condition and their goals.
What to expect:
You may or may not feel anything during the session.  Reiki is a subtle energy and is effective in either case.  With repeated treatment, sensitivity usually increases.  While many may experience a marked improvement with one session, consistent application may be necessary to attain significant improvement.   You will have a few minutes prior to the session to get comfortable and are encouraged to remain a few minutes before exiting a session.  You may even have fallen asleep during a session.

Reiki in no way advises discontinuing conventional medical care.  The practitioners do not prescribe medical treatment, diagnose, or offer counseling.
USUI SHIKI REIKI RYOHO- Shoden/ Second Degree is offered by individual sessions or in a series of 4 sessions.
$65 per session or $220 for a series of 4 sessions.  All cancellation policies apply to Reiki sessions.
Paul Gumbert, Traditional Reiki Practitioner